Crochet #TwitterHop Anyone?

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Looking for inspiration? Other people who love yarn and crochet as much as you? Then let’s have a Crochet #TwitterHop to make some new Yarn Friends Shall We?


Hope to see you here!

Quack quack babies

Yeah! New Pattern from Vanja! and of course I love it 🙂 and so do my Littles!! Thanks Vanja 🙂 Hugs, Rhondda


Last year I have introduced Quack Quack parents. Hope you still remember them. They were accepted very well and have seen many of them done for the past few months.

One of the nice blog followers who is with me since the first day I started here is dear friend Amanda Turner. She came up with completely new pattern using the Quack one I made. She made duckling and drake first, but then was missing the baby. In order to do that she cut the original pattern in half; rows, stitches….and came up with baby duckling. Miniature, miniature duckling to make and add to duckling family.

Amanda sent me the pattern to try out and I was thrilled the way duckling was coming out. First one I made was with 5 ply cotton yarn and 2 mm hook and it ended up not bigger than 6 cm (2 1⁄2″)…

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If I Died Tomorrow… This is What I Would Want You To Remember of Me!

Very eloquently said –

Knot Just Yarn Blog

I get discouraging emails from people who cross compare their lives, their skills and make assumptions based on what others have achieved or have ‘perceived’ to have achieved.

Though society claims to be community oriented and for the betterment of human kind, truth is this… and some of you will jump up and say Halleluiah and others will be in strong self denial. We as a human race are conditioned to be competitive and selfish. This my friends is what leads many of us, including me, into depressive states of mind and much more.

Today, while reading the inbox. A woman is really down on herself that she is unable to accomplish what others have on The Crochet Crowd. The projects she does isn’t to the caliber of others posting. She’s upset and feels she will never be good enough.


If I died tomorrow, please remember…

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Beatrice Ryan Designs,,, Crochet-A-Long… Are you ready??

Here are the details for the Beatrice Ryan Designs CAL!

Beatrice Ryan Designs


Just a few more days to go and our hooks will all be working on a new fabulous project!!!!  Next Saturday (the 18th)  I will post the first segment of the pattern for our Crochet-A-Long…  This is a Free Crochet Patternto all participants and the only requirement is that you have FUN!  Thanks to all of you who voted for  our Viewers Choice Crochet-A-Long!!!  I was excited you chose an Afghan!! I have designed it, crocheted the first section and have written it for  next Saturday!!!


If you haven’t done a Crochet-A-Long before… This is how it will work!…..

1.You can find the Materials List already posted in the Crochet-A-Long tab at the top of the page.  As well as each weekly pattern post!

2.Each Saturday I will post the weekly segment of the pattern that you will complete by the next Friday.

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Sunday Afternoon Crochet…What’s on your hook??

Looking for a Fun CAL (crochet-a-long) – look no further 🙂 Visit Beatrice Ryan Designs for more information!

Beatrice Ryan Designs


Today I am finalizing our Crochet-A-Longweek one pattern section!!  I took the pictures and have been typing up the instructions for the first week… I can’t wait!!!  I hope you will be joining in,,, This will be so  much fun!!!  I have chosen Vanna’s Choice Yarn to make mine.. I am loving it!!!  Do you have your yarn and what are you using for this CAL??


The first pattern section will be posted next Saturday  morning right here… So stay tuned!!!  Here is another peek at one of the blocks I made…



Vanna’s Choice Yarn,,, Taupe, Silver Gray, Dusty Green, Charcoal Gray and Dusty Purple!


Get your Crochet Hooks and Yarn ready,,, And we will meet up Saturday for some real Crochet Fun!!!!  Happy Crocheting… Elena






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803 Challenge Entries Received for The Christmas Challenges

Fabulous Participation in the Challenge! Check out the photo galleries!

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Since November 15th, 2013 to New Years Eve, December 31st, 2013 we have been running our Final Crochet Challenge of 2013.

Truthfully speaking, Cathy and I had a hard time narrowing down what the final project should be. Instead of coming up with just one idea, we decided to open up the competition to be 11 different projects that were featured in the 12 Gifts of Christmas Mini Series.

We had strong doubts that people would be able to get an afghan done before our deadline but we decided to throw one in just in case we were wrong. OH BOY… were we ever wrong.

Here is your breakdowns for Entries. You can view them all on our Photo Galleries as well.

In no particular order, here are how many entries were received.

  • 30 Pairs of Boot Cuffs.
  • 97 Snowflake Afghans. Each afghan awarded 3 entries as per our challenge.

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