The Runaway Snowman

What a handsome little fellow! Check out this amazing and adorable free crochet pattern from Tales of Twisted Fibers 🙂

Tales of Twisted Fibers

Runaway Snowman Amigurumi - Tales of Twisted FibersLast time, the first rays of the sun heralding the end of winter had done it for him. From a handsome snowman adored by the neighborhood children, he had been reduced to slush, trampled on by practically everyone. One nasty kid had even kicked his hat away! It was at that point he had made up his mind that next time he’d run away to North Pole where that spoil sport sun would never be able to melt him.

And that’s exactly what he did this time. The moment people started building him, our little hero started working on his master plan. First, he focused on figuring out where he could find a pair of snow boots. That one was easy—out on the patio of that yellow house. It was a slightly old pair, but it would get the job done.

His next move was to wait patiently until everyone…

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