Happy Friday! Last Week on Oombawka Design…

Another busy week on Oombawka Design 🙂

I added the RSS feed from my Blogger blog to the sidebar (yeah!) so you can read the posts that interest you the most.  

On Thursday I released my new Is It Knit? Basic Crochet Cowl Pattern for free 🙂 You can download the Pattern on Ravelry and/or Craftsy if you are interested.

Here is a photo of the Cowls my fabulous Pattern Testers completed:


I still haven’t been able to figure out how to add a subscribe button for my Mail Chimp Weekly Newsletter to my sidebar – but I think I have figured out how to add it to my post. If you are interested in receiving an email every Saturday, summarizing my week’s posts in photos – please Subscribe to Last Week on Oombawka Design

I spent some time updating my Pinterest Pins – and added links to more than 60 free crochet patterns – feel free to browse and follow along on the boards of your preference here: Oombawka Design on Pinterest

My daughter Darla started JK this week – today is her third full day at school – she loves it and her brother hates it! He is at home and missing her all day – and every time we drop her off at school he says “Darla School Bad” and cries.  I’m hoping he gets used to the change soon! 

Darla passed her first level in swimming lessons at the Y yesterday too 🙂 so we are very pleased with her swimming progress – she is like a wee fish in the water!

This week’s Free Pattern Friday was on Fall Appliques and on Tuesday was a roundup of Paid Witch Patterns 🙂

Which Witch do you like the best?


Hope everyone has a lovely weekend 🙂



3 thoughts on “Happy Friday! Last Week on Oombawka Design…

    • Hi Sandy – I haven’t tried bulky yarns with that stitch yet – you would need to use a larger hook to make it work for sure – but the cowl instructions are written to use any stitch – so you could make a double crochet scarf using your hook and bulky yarn to the measurements specified – the WaistCoat Stitch is a bit ‘stiff’ as a stitch so you might have trouble with thicker yarn finding the correct spot to place the hook – without having the yarn ”split” 😉 I will have to give it a go though just to find out!

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