Crochet at Play

Back in April I entered a fabulous giveaway on the blog Crafts from the Cwtch – to win a copy of Kat Goldin’s book “Crochet at Play” (Publisher: Kyle Books).

I love seeing what Sarah (of Crafts from the Cwtch) is doing, be it spinning, knitting, crocheting or even just the fabulous photos of Wales that I see posted on her page – my Nana was born in Wales (Pontypridd) in the 1920’s and I have a fondness for all things Welsh – I was drawn to Sarah’s blog earlier this year and I have been following along ever since.

When I received the message that I had actually won the giveaway – I was thrilled! Not only was I to receive the book I have been coveting since I learned of its existence, I was also to receive the yarn I needed to complete the “Shaggy Lion” hat shown on the cover of the UK Edition!

I have hooked other patterns designed by Kat and I have followed her blog Slugs on the Refrigerator for ages – I love her Designs – I find them very straightforward and easy to follow.  I like Designs that leave very little doubt in my mind as to what I need to do to make the pattern work for me.  If I meet the recommended gauge I know the project is going to turn out as depicted and it is going to fit.

Best of all – her book is also full of FUN! Fun patterns – for boys and girls –

I’ve noticed in the last few months of searching for patterns (either by request on my Facebook page) or for my own son – there are very few really good crochet patterns designed specifically for boys.  I have actually created a pinterest page dedicated to crochet patterns that can be used for boys.

I am very excited about the number of great patterns in “Crochet at Play” – I had seen some previews in different posts but after actually reviewing  the book for myself, I am thrilled by how many of the Designs I truly love and I plan on crocheting for my own children.

Visually the book is charming – the instructions are clear and easy to follow – the photographs are full of colour and show the Designs being worn by children.  I love seeing how an item ‘works’ on a model –

The beginning of the book outlines all the different stitches you need to know – both written and pictorial instructions – as well as how to follow the patterns – “Pattern Basics” –

There are more than 30-original-Designs in “Crochet at Play” – among my favorites are:

Flat Cap

Leafy Capelet

Beastie Feet

Hedgehog Mittens


Cabled Yoke Cardigan

Silver Birch Tunic


Hobby Horse

Shaggy Lion

I received the book and the yummy yarn on Friday evening and immediately dropped all my other projects to hook the “Shaggy Lion” hat – Darla and Drew both love this hat –

Kat has some free patterns available in honour of the release of her book –

Rainbow Bright Dress

Mermaid Tail

You can also view a ‘trailer’ for the book here!

Crochet at Play by Kat Goldin Book Trailer from Kat Goldin on Vimeo.

“Crochet at Play” is available for sale on Amazon – CanadaUSAUK (great pictures in the previews!).

This post is not affiliated with/by anyone – the opinions are totally my own – I just love the book!

Happy Crocheting,



4 thoughts on “Crochet at Play

  1. Wow! First, this is a terrific review! You make me want to run out and purchase it right now!! But were having torrential rains and a flash flood warning, so I’m staying put! Lol!
    Rhonda…is the curly headed girl yours? She’s beautiful!
    Thx for a great book review!

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